Ready for Artfields 2014

I am competing for prizes at the second-annual Artfields, a 10-day art competition where artists hang work inside the buildings of the small town of Lake City, South Carolina and compete for prizes. Artists enter one work and compete with 400 artists from the southern region. I was chosen to display my kinetic installation Escape Plan in the Downtown Bakery & Deli on Main Street.

This weekend my husband and I drove down to Lake City to install Escape Plan. It was raining, but Craig had built a quick OSB cover for the back of his truck and kept the tower painting panel dry. I had visited the bakery earlier this month to determine location and outlets, so hanging the panel and return wheel was straightforward. The next step was trickier - measuring new rope to fit the site, sewing on the 17 gondolas to the new spacing (with hard-to-cut kite string), then getting the rope to stay on the wheels and move around steadily at the right speed. I picked a fun location - running over the heads of people ordering their food. It is ready to go for the competition that runs April 25-May 4. If you are in SC, you can visit and vote on your favorite piece (wink, wink).