Spring Flowers

I now have two window displays up for spring, one in Chapel Hill, NC for the Downtown Windows of Chapel Hill project, and one at Nüvonivo children's boutique in Raleigh, NC. 

For the Windows of Chapel Hill "Flower Box" installation, I used flatter flowers of paper and fabric that were machine sewn and layered with foamcore for depth. I made all of the flowers and leaves before installation day and then on site cut the blue backdrop paper and trellis sticks to size. Installing a window with wind gusts, the weather chill, and all kinds of people walking by was a new experience. The parking meter was going and I had to cut, pin, glue and get it up there quick.

For the Nüvonivo spring window, the Maloufs wanted to reuse their "snow globe" window decal, so I imagined a terrarium with tall paper grass and big paper flower vines growing up the back walls. I made these flowers more three-dimensional, out of layers of paper and foamcore. The monarch butterflies are made of yellow cardstock, hand-drawn black ink lines, polka-dot fabric, and black pipe cleaners.