Cooke St. Carnival

I  just finished my art board for Cooke St. Carnival (whew, at the last minute). It was fun and challenging to make a 4'x6' painting in 3 days. For the board, I was inspired by the iconic Parachute Jump ride at Coney Island. Unfortunately, the ride last operated in 1964, but the structure still stands as a historic landmark at Coney Island. But now you can simulate the ride at Cooke St. Carnival!

Cooke St. Carnival is an annual grassroots neighborhood carnival located in the Idlewild neighborhood of Raleigh. It happens this Saturday, October 13, 1-6 pm. There are art vendors, food trucks, bands, a slow bike race, and a peep flamingo eating contest! I'm looking forward to attending for my first year here in Raleigh. Check out their website for more details: